Letter head
Board of Trustees & Limited License Working Group
Notice and Agenda
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
The State Bar Of California
1149 South Hill Street
Board Room, 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015-2299
(213) 765-1000

Questions regarding any agenda item should be directed to the Committee Coordinator(s), Teri Greenman at (415) 538-2454 or Chair, Craig Holden at (415) 538-2170. Committee members are requested to notify the Committee Coordinator as early as possible in advance of the meeting if they wish to remove any item/s from the consent agenda.

Committee Members: Glenda Corcoran, Karen Goodman, Patrick Kelly, Loren Kieve, Heather Rosing, David Torres.
The rules of the State Bar permit Board members who are not committee members to participate but not vote in the committee meeting. If a majority of Board members is present, the meeting is a meeting of the Board as a whole but no formal action by the full Board will take place.

The order of business is approximate and subject to change.

For meetings of the Board and Board Committees. Committee meetings and items scheduled for a particular day may be moved to an earlier or later day to facilitate business of the Board and Board Committees.
Open Session

I. Chair's Report
Oral Report
Call For Public Comment
II. Consent
III. Action
IV. Discussion/Information
A. Role of Limited License in Addressing Public Protection/Access to Justice

  • Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)
  • Immigration/Notario Fraud
B. Legal Challenges

  • Legal Pre-emption Issues Related to Federal Law
C. The Nuts and Bolts of a Limited License  
  • Should a limited license to practice be issued by subject area?
  • Should licensees be independent or supervised? How will that affect anticipated rates charged?
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Costing, Fiscal Impact, Educational Component
D. Working Group Discussion Re Opposition to Limited License - California and Washington
E. Working Group Discussion Re June 17, 2013 Hearing Agenda
V. Reports

Closed Session