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The State Bar of California
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Board of Trustees
Regulation, Admissions & Discipline Oversight
Notice and Agenda
Thursday, July 18, 2013
1:00 - 3:00
The State Bar Of California
1149 South Hill Street
Board Room, 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015-2299
(213) 765-1000

Questions regarding any agenda item should be directed to the Committee Coordinator(s), Doug Hull at (415) 538-2015 or Chair, Karen Goodman at (916) 643-0600. Committee members are requested to notify the Committee Coordinator as early as possible in advance of the meeting if they wish to remove any item/s from the consent agenda.

Committee Members: Craig Holden, Loren Kieve, Dennis Mangers, Pearl Mann, Gretchen Nelson, David Pasternak, Luis Rodriguez.
The order of business is approximate and subject to change.

For meetings of the Board and Board Committees. Committee meetings and items scheduled for a particular day may be moved to an earlier or later day to facilitate business of the Board and Board Committees.
Open Session

I. Chair's Report
A. Oral Report (3 minutes)
B. Call for Public Comment (1 minute) (Goodman)
II. Action
A. Task Force on Admissions Regulation Reform: Phase I Proposals for a Practical Skills Training Requirement - Request for release for public comment (Jon Streeter) (15 minutes)
B. Limited License Working Group Report: Receive Recommendation And Possible Future Course Of Action (Holden)  (15 minutes)
C. Standards for Attorney Sanctions for Professional Misconduct, Proposed Modifications. Request for Release for Public Comment (Rick Zanassi, Rachel Grunberg, Starr Babcock) (10 minutes)
D. Request for Policy Expansion of OCTC's Ability to Post Consumer Alerts on the Web.  Request For Release For Public Comment. (Kim) (5 minutes)
E. Suspension For Failure To Comply With Child Or Family Support Order Request for adoption following public comment.  [Back-to-Back item July 54-121] (Diloreto, Babcock) (3 minutes)
F. Refusal-of-Admission and Suspension for Tax Delinquency (AB 1424, Stats. 2011, Ch. 455). Request for adoption following public comment. [Back-to-Back item July 122] (Diloreto, Murphy, Babcock) (3 minutes)
G. Chief Trial Counsel Performance Evaluation Procedure (Hawley) (7 minutes) [Back-to-Back Item July 123]
H. Proposed Modification of Monterey County Bar's Rules of Procedure for Fee Arbitrations (Hull) (2 minutes)
I. Committee of Bar Examiners’ Recommendation to Modify Bar Examination
III. Discussion/Information
A. Presentation by State Bar Court on Evaluation of Modification of Rules of Procedure. (Judge Joann Remke) (10 minutes)
B. Military spouses practicing in California: approaches to fulfilling the Bar’s mission of public protection. (Mary Reding) 10 minutes
IV. Reports
A. Status Report from Admissions (Murphy) (7 minutes)
B. Status Report from Professional Competence (Tuft) (5 minutes)
C. Status Report from the Office of the Chief Trial Counsel (Kim) (5 minutes)
D. Status Report from State Bar Court (Wong) (5 minutes)
E. Status Report from Probation (Wong) (1 minute)
F. Status Report from Mandatory Fee Arbitration (Hull) (1 minute)
Closed Session

I. Discussion/Information
A. State Bar Court Judicial Staffing (Hawley) (7 minutes)*
* Closed under Bus. & Prof. Code § 6026.5(d) to consider a personnel matter.

** Closed under Bus. & Prof. Code § 6026.5(e) to consider a matter involving a disciplinary investigation or proceeding.