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Civil Justice Strategies Task Force
Notice and Agenda
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
10:30 am - 3:30 pm
The State Bar of California
180 Howard Street
Board Room, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 538-2000

Questions regarding any agenda item should be directed to the Committee Coordinator(s), Francisco Gomez at 415-538-2170 or Chair, Luis Rodriguez at 415-538-2276. Committee members are requested to notify the Committee Coordinator as early as possible in advance of the meeting if they wish to remove any item/s from the consent agenda.

Committee Members: John Adkins, Nina Baumler, Joanne Caruso, Carole Conn, Michael Ermer, Christina Fialho, Donna Ford, Ana Maria Garcia, Sonia Gonzales, Craig Holden, Earl Johnson, Jr., Michael Judge, Miriam Krinsky, Eleanor Lumsden, Janet McGinnis, James Meeker, Hon. Douglas Miller, Marty Omoto, Julie Paik, Harvey Saferstein, David Torres, HernĂ¡n Vera, Bryant Yang, Hon. Laurie Zelon.
The rules of the State Bar permit Board members who are not committee members to participate but not vote in the committee meeting. If a majority of Board members is present, the meeting is a meeting of the Board as a whole but no formal action by the full Board will take place.

The order of business is approximate and subject to change.

For meetings of the Board and Board Committees. Committee meetings and items scheduled for a particular day may be moved to an earlier or later day to facilitate business of the Board and Board Committees.
Open Session

I. Chair's Report
Oral Report
Call for Public Comment
II. Consent
III. Action
IV. Discussion/Information
A. Access to Justice: A Roadmap to Reform (Professor Deborah L. Rhode, Stanford Law School) (60 mins.)
B. Legal Incubators (Justice Goodwin Liu, Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court) (30 mins.)
C. Reengaging the Private Bar through Limited Scope Representation (M. Sue Talia, Private Family Law Judge) (30 mins.)
D. Self-Help (Bonnie Hough, Managing Attorney, California Administrative Office of the Courts) (30 mins.)
E. Modest Means Representation (Luz Herrera, Visiting Clinical Professor, UC Irvine School of Law) (30 mins.)
F. Southern California Pro Bono Managers (Lani Woltmann, Pro Bono Director, Disability Rights Law Center) (30 mins.)
G. Law School Community Law Centers (Angelo Ancheta, Director, Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center, Santa Clara Law) (30 mins.)
V. Reports
Closed Session

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